About us


Favor Talents is a talent management for a select pool of European Actors, Directors & Young Talent.

Our clients work throughout film, television and theatre. We offer them total business and personal support. We coach those with great talent to a higher level and we develop and nurture careers. Together we search for new ways of finding work within the industry and other innovating artistic areas. Favor Talents V.O.F. is a member of the NAA (The Netherlands Agency Association).

Gwen Maduro

manager & partner

Completed her study in 2001 at the school for Drama & Contemporary Music Theatre in Amsterdam. She played in various film, tv and stage performances and produced, created and performed in performances of her own artists collective over 5 years. In 2009 she started her career as a casting director at Oi Mundo Casting Agency and casted many films, tv series and commercials for 6 years. Partner of Favor Talents since June 2015

Benny Stroet

manager & partner

First Studied Communication and Media & Culture at the Amsterdam University. Then, he studied at the Amsterdam Film School (NFA) and graduated as filmproducer. During his study he worked together with Gwen at Oi Mundo Casting Agency. He started his own Film Production Company Favor Films in 2011 and was praised as one of the “Creative Marketing Talents of the Year”. In 2013 he saw the challenge in a fresh approach of management for actors & directors and founded Favor Talents.