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Story isn’t a flight from reality but an attempt to understand the reality of life.
inspired by Robert McKee
Hetty de Kruijf Hetty de Kruijf Hetty de Kruijf Hetty de Kruijf Hetty de Kruijf Hetty de Kruijf Hetty de Kruijf Hetty de Kruijf
Last year Hetty de Kruijf graduated from The Netherlands Film Academy as film director. Her graduation film, Nighthaven (Nachtoord), won the Topkapi Fiction Film Prize, the Film Funds Wildcard and the VERS-Awards 2015. The commercial she made for Amnesty International, The Bright Life of Oleg, won the Golden Gate Commercial Award. Hetty previously studied photography, which can be seen in the visually compelling style of her films. The subjects she chooses are socially engaging, reflecting her experience as a volunteer in Asia, South America and North Africa.
Stories are the most powerful tool we have to engage an audience. When a story strikes a chord, it can change the way you think, feel or act. Hence my preference to tell stories that invite the viewer to reflect on alternative perspectives. Research is a key element in my working process. Besides the fact that extensive research fights the war on cliché, as a film maker I see it as an obligation to know as much as possible about the subjects in my films.


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