Dwight Fagbamila

director & writer

Showreel Dwight Fagbamila 2018

Dwight graduated from the AKV St. Joost film school in 2016. He made the impressive short film Babatunde, which received great critiques. His debut feature film FEMI will be out soon and he’s currently working on his second feature film SMOOK.
ARTIST STATEMENT 'I'm very interested in the impact ancestry and our parents have on us, aware and unaware. The psychology of humans within these issues are the main priority and the narrative builds around it. As the son of a Dutch white mother and a Nigerian black father I know what it feels like to grow up in between cultures and to feel that you don't really belong anywhere. In Europe I'm black, in Africa I'm white. This pressing contradiction is the core of the research that forms an important theme of my work.'
Dwight Fagbamila Dwight Fagbamila Dwight Fagbamila Dwight Fagbamila


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