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director & writer

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Romana is working as an actress and theater maker for a few decades. In 2016 she started with her own personal projects with Who's Afraid of Charlie Stevens. She made made this theater project about her son Charlie who has autism and a mental disability. After a successful theater tour she wrote the fiction novel 'De Nobele Autist' where she had fictional conversations with and about an older Charlie and made a documentary about parents of children with autism. In 2020 Time Shall Teach Us (Tijd Zal Ons Leren) followed. Romana researched slavery in The Netherlands and its colonies with a focus on heroes that stood up against slavery and its rulers. She filled missing gaps with fiction in writing, music and performance. Together with OTION and The National Theater in The Hague she made a tv special, a talkshow, a podcast series and in July 2023 a play. In season 22|23 she will also direct the new play Travis by Well Made Productions and Theater Rotterdam and she's developing a series and two films for the big screen.
Romana Vrede Romana Vrede Romana Vrede Romana Vrede Romana Vrede Romana Vrede


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