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Sinem Kavus - showreel 2020

Sinem graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Amsterdam in 2017, after already starting with theater and drama classes 10 years prior to that. With her first solo that she also wrote, I used to be Snow White - The (World) Tour, she made a big impression. She played numerous theatres but could also be seen at LowLands Festival. Besides with her own work, she could be seen on stage with Bouillabaisse Performance Collective, Likeminds, Het Nationale Theater, DOX and Frascati. On the big screen Sinem played one of the lead characters Menna in the much acclaimed short movie Eyes on the Road, which premièred on the prestige International Filmfestival of Locarno in August 2019. On television Sinem could be seen in 7 Kleine Criminelen, Judas, Papadag and Flikken Maastricht, before landing one of the leading roles in Hoogvliegers, a highly anticipated 8 episode tv drama, where she starred as Leyla, a young woman who wants to become a F-16 pilot.



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Sinem Kavus Sinem Kavus Sinem Kavus Sinem Kavus Sinem Kavus Sinem Kavus Sinem Kavus Sinem Kavus


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