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Favor Talents is a management for a hand-picked group of European based storytellers with a focus on acting or directing. We as owners are black, queer or women and therefore value a diverse and inclusive roster. We confront underrepresentation, misappropriation and abuse of power in our film, television and theater industry.

We offer the people we represent total business support as well as professional support and we coach those with exceptional talent to a higher level. We believe building close and long term personal relationships is necessary to nurture and guide careers with care. Together we search for new creative ways of finding work within the industry, by using our network, marketing, promotion and collaborating with agents all over the globe.

We are a member of the N.A.A. (The Dutch Agency Association), the DAFF (Dutch Academy for Film) and the EFA (European Film Academy).

Benny Stroet
+31 615 16 36 16

Gwen Maduro
+31 653 42 69 72

Connie Pingen
+31 612 14 10 45

Luciaan Groenier
+31 651 42 66 26


Mailing Address
Buiten Brouwersstraat 6 - II
1013 GK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For questions, inquiries or submissions email

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