Favor Talents is talent management and agency for a hand-picked group of European based storytellers with a focus on acting, directing and writing.

Why have we started?

We absolutely love stories and the people that touch our hearts and souls by telling or performing them. Among these storytellers we noticed a high demand for more personal, round the clock and strategic representation. We see storytellers with great potential without a plan or storytellers who are overworked by the industry. We noticed many of them are too humble to ask for help or to market their production or themselves. We see a growing European market with more and more ways to tell and sell stories or to get casted in one.

What do we do?

We help these storytellers to reach their goals and become industry leaders while having fun and staying healthy along the way.

It can be a long road from the part where someone discovers a passion for telling stories up until they have an established career and become an industry leader. Hard work, rejections and sacrifices makes the successes more satisfying when it happens, but it can be lonely. We work as a team and join our storytellers on their journey by being their confidant, coach and business partner.

We relieve the storytellers by taking over practicalities like scheduling, negotiations and business communication. So they can focus on developing and executing their craft and have time for themselves and their well being. A creative mind needs peace and inspiration. We believe in a healthy and sustainable career. We make a plan based on the storyteller’s dreams and wishes and we set long term goals and strategy. Those goals will influence all career choices down the road. We will always advise based on those goals and not be tempted by short term success. All artists take a risk by choosing a career in this industry. We sympathise with this and we aren’t afraid to take a leap of faith. We believe this is a key part of success and reaching goals. Having love, a focussed mindset and strategy can develop a talented artist into a household name with a successful business.

How do we operate?

Ever since we founded Favor Talents in 2013 we gained a lot of knowledge and experience in building and guiding careers and we have a lot of fun doing so. Every day we’re improving our vision on talent management and we know what is needed to provide a high quality service. We already operate on a global scale with actors working on well known international productions like Ted Lasso, Rabbit Hole, The English, The Witcher  and The Wheel of Time.

We actively pursue an open and safe industry that is a representation of our current society. An equal industry that is inclusive and accessible for everyone regardless of color, race, religion, gender or sexual preference. We stand up to underrepresentation, misappropriation, abuse of power and transgressive and other inappropriate behavior in our industry and in the workplace.

We scout people based on exceptional talent and promising career potential. We also step into solid or successful careers for a more professional or international upgrade. From the moment we start a new collaboration we form a close communicative team that usually evolves into a lasting business friendship. It’s almost an essential part of our job as we have to advise, support and guide our storytellers in life changing- projects and choices. The better we know them as artists and as people, the better we can advise and support them. We will be there in the ups and downs because we are in it for the long run. We stimulate artists to keep developing themselves and try to guide this process. We try to connect the storytellers we represent to help each other grow or start a collaboration.

Due to our relationships with casting directors, producers, distributors, broadcasters and streamers we have a steady network in the industry. Our storytellers change between on- and offline, commercial work and art and we help them to operate within these spheres. We support new initiatives and always search for ways to find work within the industry.

We aim to establish a stronger structure of representation for European actors in the smaller countries/industries and guide talent towards a world stage. Our goal is to be a place where we develop and guide the most relevant stories of our generation.

We are a member of the N.A.A. (The Dutch Agency Association), the DAFF (Dutch Academy for Film) and the EFA (European Film Academy).

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