About us


Favor Talents is management for a hand-picked group of European based storytellers with a focus on acting, directing and writing.

We love stories and people that touch our heart and soul. Among storytellers we noticed a high demand for more personal, round the clock and strategic representation. We see (starting) storytellers with great potential, without a plan or who are being lived by the industry. We noticed many storytellers that are too humble to or don’t know how to market their production or themselves. We see a growing European market with more and more ways to tell and sell stories or to get casted in one. Our personal management for European actors, directors and writers helps these storytellers to reach their goals and become industry leaders while having fun and staying healthy along the way.

We stand for an open and safe industry that is a representation of our current society. An equal industry that is inclusive and accessible for everyone regardless of colour, race, religion, gender or sexual preference. We stand up to underrepresentation, misappropriation, abuse of power and transgressive and other inappropriate behavior in our industry and in the workplace. 

We aim to establish a stronger structure of representation in Europe and guide talent towards the world stage.

We’re aiming to be a place where we develop and guide the most relevant stories of our generation.

It’s a long road from the part where someone discovers a passion for creating up until they have an established career and become an industry leader. The hard work, rejections and sacrifices makes the successes more satisfying, but it can be lonely. We work as a team and join our storytellers on that bumpy road to success by being their confidant, coach and business partner. 
From the start we form a close communicative team that usually evolves into a close relationship and/or friendship. It’s almost essential to do our job as we have to advise, support and guide our storytellers in life changing projects and choices. The better we know them as artists and as people, the better we can advise and support them. We will be there in the ups and downs because we are a team and we believe in their talent. We try to connect the storytellers we represent to one another and some call us a Favor family. 

We relieve the storytellers by taking over practicalities like scheduling, negotiations and business communication. So the talent will keep their main focus on developing and executing their craft and have time for personal matters. A creative mind needs rest and inspiration.

We work as a development based management. We scout people based on exceptional talent, a kind personality and promising career potential. We just love building a career with awesome hard working people. We also step into an already solid or successful career if we can be an essential addition. We believe the key for everyone is hard work and focus. A top sports mindset can develop a talented storyteller/artist into a household name with a beautiful career and a successful business.

Ever since we founded Favor Talents in 2013 we gained a lot of knowledge and experience in building careers. Every day we’re improving our vision on talent management and we know what is needed to provide a high quality service. We operate on a global scale with actors working on well known international productions.

We are a member of the N.A.A. (The Dutch Agency Association), the DAFF (Dutch Academy for Film) and the EFA (European Film Academy).


Benny Stroet - he/him - talent manager & shareholder

After studying Communication and Media & Culture at the Amsterdam University, Benny studied at the Netherlands Film Academy (NFA) and graduated as a film producer. During his study he worked at Oi Mundo Casting Agency. He started his own film production company Favor Films in 2010 and was praised as one of the “Creative Marketing Talents of the Year” in 2012. In 2013 he founded Favor Talents when he saw the challenge in a fresh approach of management for storytellers. As a member of the queer community he stated the importance of equality and inclusion from the start.

Erna Wolschrijn - she/her - finance

Erna started working together with Favor Talents as a bookkeeper in 2015. She has her own company that is specialised in taxes and finance. Since 2019 she is part of Favor Talents as part-time financial director.

Latoya Trustfull - she/her - talent manager

Grew up partly in Suriname and studied Psychology and Law at the University of Amsterdam. Her biggest passion is writing. She attended the screen writers training of the Media Fund and had various office jobs. In 2013 she moved back to Suriname with her family where she worked as a HR manager at a large company. In her spare time she gave scriptwriting lessons an assisted on movie sets as an assistant director and set dresser.

Luciaan Groenier - he/him - talent manager

In 2012 Luciaan started a Bachelor Degree in Theatre, Cinema Literature & Italian at Antwerp University. His love for cinema and Italy brought him in the Italian film circuit, where he worked as a festival producer and eventually co-created a short film festival for young filmmakers. Here Luciaan found his passion for talent development. In 2017, back in Antwerp, he gained a MSc in Cultural Management. In 2019 Luciaan joined Favor Talents as a talent manager.

Michiel Verhaar - he/him - talent manager

Michiel studied Intellectual Property Law and worked as a lawyer for several years. He worked as a brand manager and in communications for various brands and media and as head of licensing at a publishing house. In recent years he has devised and developed various concepts, events and formats with his own company Tactiek Media and Marketing in addition to teaching Creative Business and Communications at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He likes working on the intersection of creation and commerce and contributing to the realisation of a creative project.

Romana Vrede - she/her - advisor & shareholder

She is one of the most appraised actors and theater makers of The Netherlands. Read more about this on her actors and/or directors pages.
Behind the scenes she worked on a more inclusive industry ever since she entered it. She is  attached to a number of institutions including as an active member of political party BIJ1 and as inclusion advisor at The National Theater in The Hague. She was advising our team and some actors for a while before she became an official member of the team in 2022. She feels inspired and strengthened by the Favor Talents mission, that makes sure everyone feels safe, appreciated and welcome in this industry. 

Sophie Boender - she/her - junior talent manager

Sophie studied International Communication and Media in Rotterdam and did a master’s degree in Journalism. During both her studies she specialised in researching inclusivity and racism in international media. She also made her own podcast and worked as a journalist at, among others, the ANP. In recent years, she was a project and event manager for events and festivals. Here she also produced and managed artists.

Terence Schreurs - she/her - advisor & shareholder

She was one of the most well known screen actors of the Netherlands, before she decided to also develop herself as a coach and director. Read more about this on her actors and/or directors pages.
In 2015 she became a partner in Favor Talents and we supported her with the foundation of an acting school which later became Wolf’Qademy. A now independent Institute where she teaches her own acting method. Terence shifted her focus and withdrew as a Favor Talents partner in 2018. We’re very glad she has returned as a shareholder in 2021. Her knowledge and vision on acting, talent and the business are a grounded addition to the team. She’s glad to be back with like-minded people. 

Vanessa Tersteeg - she/her - talent manager

She once started at JP Casting and produced many shoots and commercials. Has a broad experience in the fashion industry and as an entrepreneur. Was co-owner of fashion brand Menage and worked for many years as a sales agent for various brands. In recent years she has also worked as a stylist and in the costume department of various films and series. Although she met a lot of great storytellers on set, she missed the more in-depth contacts, she is looking forward developing that with our storytellers at Favor Talents.