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About a decade ago she started as an acting coach. After being a pupil of Mark W. Travis and teaching at multiple theater and acting schools she developed her own method and started her acting school Wolf’Qademy in 2015. She became a well known acting coach and has coached and directed actors on productions like De Boskampi's, Baantjer het Begin and Mocro Maffia. In recent years she worked on the film Pantser which won best short at the Dutch Academy Awards and on the successful WWII Netflix international co-production The Forgotten Battle, which was Netflix's most watched feature film world wide in Autumn 2021. Currently she's developing multiple projects of her own including a series and two feature films.
ARTIST STATEMENT ‘I'm comedy but I'm also drama. With my work I want to touch and inspire the audience, give hope and perhaps heal a little. My method is based on finding the psychological core of the story and characters. How to become the character from this core and not “acting” it. To make the actor trust the dysfunction of the character. Which makes the character more human and three-dimensional. I love actors without vanity.’
Terence Schreurs Terence Schreurs Terence Schreurs Terence Schreurs Terence Schreurs Terence Schreurs


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